Award Categories

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Consumer Lending

Best Consumer Lending Platform
Best Consumer Lending Product
Best Consumer Lending Company
Best Overall Peer-to-Peer Lending Platform
Consumer Lending Innovation Award

Business Lending

Best Business Lending Platform
Best Business Lending Product
Best Small Business Lending Solution
Best Overall Business Lending Company

Business Lending Innovation Award

Best Lending Infrastructure Platform

Best Overall LendTech Company

Wealth Management

Best Wealth Management Platform
Best Wealth Management Product
Best Wealth Management Company
Wealth Management Innovation Award
Best Robo Advisory Platform

Personal Finance

Best Personal Finance Platform
Best Personal Finance App
Best Personal Finance Product
Best Personal Finance Company
Personal Finance Innovation Award
Best Financial Product Comparison Service
Best Financial Planning Platform
Best Personal Budgeting Service

Retirement Planning and Management

Best Retirement Planning Solution
Retirement Management Innovation Award
Best Retirement Management Platform
Best Retirement Management Solution Provider

Digital Mortgage

Best Online Mortgage Broker
Best Loan Origination Platform
Best Digital Mortgage Platform
Best Digital Mortgage Product
Best Digital Mortgage Company
Digital Mortgage Innovation Award

Consumer Payments

Best Consumer Payments Platform
Best Consumer Payments Product
Best Consumer BNPL Platform
Best Consumer Payments Company
Best Commerce Platform
Consumer Payments Innovation Award
Best Credit Card Payments Solution

B2B Payments

Best B2B Payments Platform
Best B2B Payments Product
Best Small Business Payments Solution
Best Payment Enablement Platform
Best Payment Facilitator Solution
SMB Payments Innovation Award
Best B2B BNPL Platform
Best Cross-Border Payments Platform
B2B Payments Innovation Award
Best B2B Payments Company


Best Point of Sale Solution
Point of Sale Innovation Award
Best Point of Sale Company


Best Retail Investment Platform
Best Retail Investment Company
Best Alternative Investment Platform
Best Social Trading Platform
Best Stock Trading App
Best Institutional Investment Platform
Best Institutional Investment Solution
Best Real Estate Investment Platform
Best Trading Platform

Financial Education & Wellness

Best Financial Education Platform
Best Financial Education App
Best Student Financial Aid Platform
Best Financial Coaching Platform
Best Financial Wellness Solution Provider

Consumer Banking

Best Consumer Banking Mobile App
Best Digital Banking Platform
Best Digital Bank
Banking Innovation Award

Financial Research and Data

Best Overall Analytics Platform
Best Predictive Analytics Platform
Analytics Innovation Award
Best Risk Management Service
Best Risk Management Platform
Best Data Visualization Service
Best Financial Research and Data Company

Banking Infrastructure

Best Banking Infrastructure Platform
Best Banking Infrastructure Software
Best Banking Transaction Solution
Open Banking Innovation Award
Best Open Banking API

Identity and Privacy

Best Identify Verification Solution
Best ID Management Platform
Best Identity as a Service (IaaS) Platform
Digital Identity Innovation Award
Best Credential Management Solution
Best Overall Digital Identity Solution Provider

Fraud Prevention and Transaction Security

Best Fraud Prevention Platform
Best Fraud Prevention Company
Fraud Prevention Innovation Award
Best Financial Transaction Security Platform
Best AML Solution
Best Financial Transaction Security Company
Transaction Security Innovation Award


Best Crowdfunding Platform
Best Crowdfunding Company
Crowdfunding Innovation Award


Best InsurTech Solution
Best InsurTech Company
Best InsurTech Startup
InsurTech Innovation Award


Best RegTech Solution
Best RegTech Platform
Best RegTech Startup
Best RegTech Company
RegTech Innovation Award


Decentralized Finance

Best DeFi Marketplace
Best DeFi Asset Management Solution
Best DeFi Infrastructure Platform
Best Asset Tokenization Platform
DeFi Innovation Award
Best Overall DeFi Platform
Best Overall DeFi Company


Best Cryptocurrency Purchasing Site
Best Cryptocurrency Exchange
Cryptocurrency Innovation Award
Best Cryptocurrency Wallet
Best Cyrptocurrency Information Source

Spend Managmenet & Procurement

Best Procure-to-Pay Software
Best Expense Management Platfrom
Expense Management Innovation Award
Best Spend Management Platform
Spend Management Innovation Award
Best AP Solution
Best Contract Management Solution
Best Overall eProcurement Software

Tax and Accounting

Best Consumer Tax Software
Best Enterprise Tax Software
Best Overall Accounting Platform

Banking as a Service

Best BaaS Solution
BaaS Innovation of the Year
Best BaaS Platform
Best BaaS Solution Provider


Best FinTech Company CEO
Best Employee Benefits Solution
Best FinTech Startup
Best Finance Automation Platform
Best Overall FinTech Software
Best Overall FinTech Mobile App
Best Use of AI in FinTech
Best Use of Blockchain in FinTech
Best Overall FinTech Company